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All India Vadhu Var Melava:
Venue: Gagangiri Mangal Karyalay
Vishrantwadi, Pune
Date: 21 Apr 2012
For more details, contact:
D. B. Gosavi - 9373708336 / 9422006433
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Om Namo Narayanay Lord Shiva



“YOGYOG” Dashnam Gosavi Vadhu-Var Sanshodhan Kendra is Established in 2003 and As on 1 st Feb. 2010 we have total More than 1000 Registrations.

As a special request from the candidates and their families president Mr. D. B. Gosavi Alias Balasaheb Gosavi helps for the searching of respected families and suitable candidate.

So far we have settled 350 marriages.

You know marriages are set in heaven but the knots are to be tide on earth.

YOGAYOG gives this earth i.e. platform to the candidates for their once lifetime dream become true and successful and that to without any embarrassment. Catalytic caution of YOGAYOG is proved and appreciated by marriageable candidates and their parents.

Now a days it is not easy to get a good match for a candidate as the families have become nuclear and life has become fast. As such the choice for a candidate becomes limited. It is not that the numbers of marriageable candidates, either boys or girls are less , but the approach is lacking. At this time the candidate, also the family, is put in need of an approach a good friend having a lot of information. Here YOGAYOG plays a pivotal role of a family friend. Once we come to know the family set-up and expectations, the rest of the job of selecting a candidate from huge list matching the kundali (if desired) , discussing with both the families, then arranging their meetings and finally setting the marriage is done by us a very pleasant way.

We are also extending our services to the physically handicapped as well as re-marriage candidates.

We respect your Once in a Life time Dream and help to fulfill it but at the same time suggest to the candidates that Do Dream but be practical on Earth and helps in to achieve your aim (Goal)


D.B. Gosavi Alias Balasaheb Gosavi